Help? with Couch Folders (categories)

Introducing Folders

Couch Folders or Categories

Sometimes part of the content of your website will benefit from being categorised. This will allow the information to be well organised and accessed in logical ways via the site navigation links. For example, an arts festival site will want to organise events into say, music, literature and other categories. This will allow a visitor to the site to 'filter' a list of events and show just the category that they are interested in. This will normally be achieved via sub-navigation menus within a main menu link.

NOTE: a page or item may only be placed in a single Folder.

To categorise pages or items Couch uses Folders. You will see a link: 'Manage Folders' at the top of a page where Folders have been implemented.

Couch folders
  1. Couch makes it clear what you are looking at - here it is a List of Events.

    See below for the List of Folders containing Events that you will see when you click 'Manage Folders'.
  2. Manage Folders : click here to amend existing folder details or to create a new folder.
  3. Filter : select a folder name from the dropdown list and click on Filter to view the contents of a single folder.
  4. If the item/page in the list is within a folder - the folder name will be shown here.
Couch folders

Create a new Folder

Couch folders

Click on 'Manage Folders' ... and you will see a list of existing folders and the option to create a new folder using the 'Add New' link.

Couch folders

Click on 'Add New' to create a new Folder. Set up all the required fields for your new folder (see below for more details) and click 'Save'.

Couch folders
  • Title : set up a short and meaningful title for your new folder, this will be used as the link name on the website.
  • Name : leave this empty - Couch automatically generates this using the Title you entered above.
  • Parent Folder : unless we have discussed using sub-folders on your site, leave the dropdown selection for 'Parent Folder' as --None--.
  • Weight : this determines the order your folders will be displayed in a navigation list or similar on the website. So, 25 will appear before 75. Assign numbers which are well spaced apart so that you can easily reshuffle and add new items into the sequence in future.
  • Image : upload an image if the design of your site uses an image link or if an image will be displayed in association with the Folder.

Put something into the Folder

We will return to our festival events example to show how to put an item or page into a Folder. Click on 'Add New' ... to create a new event.

Couch folders

The template displaying all the editable regions for setting up a new event will appear - including a Folder dropdown list. Click on the arrow and a list of Folders will appear - select the Folder for your new event.

Couch folders
REMEMBER ... finished updating ...

Having made your changes ... VERY IMPORTANT ... scroll to the bottom of the screen and click SAVE!

save your changes